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3 thoughts on “Mom”

  1. Hey man, your blogs have been interesting. This one particularly resonated as I also had a tough time trying to reconcile having Asian mom that seemed so different than my white friends’ parents. We had our own reconciliation time and I’m glad it happened. I’m grateful to her for everything she did and does for me. I guess kids just never can appreciate the long game! Thanks for sharing

  2. A+. Love it. I cry and laugh reading this.

    Some clarifications:

    -I pushed you so hard in education because of fear of unknown. I never got the chance to go to school in this country

    didn’t understand the school system, and didn’t know how smart students were, outside of SGM school.

    -I would never let kids make their own decisions. Looking back, how many of David & Jennifer’s classmates at SGM

    have climbed up the steps as high as you two? …. One

    misstep, one wrong decision, and there’ll be no time to fix anything and life and work will be harder when a person

    doesn’t have higher education, especially when that person is Asian.

    -I didn’t hug /kiss you ( I think Co Hang did the same with Kevin) because people don’t do that in VN where kids have to

    cross their arms and bow to older people to show respect. My parents never hugged/kissed us. And if we got into

    trouble, they slapped us hard on the face or made us lie down and whipped us with a wooden stick. Also I didn’t want

    you to become a whining weak Mommy’s boy.

    Because of language barrier, your Dad was not available to raise you up to become a man. So I am both

    Mom/Dad to you who was nicknamed “Stubborn Six” by Cau Hoang when he first saw you 24 hours after you were

    born! That’s why I had to be super tough to you. Sending you to Loyola HS I was hoping that being among men would

    shape you into a man because at home you only have a Mom and a sister, no man around. That was really worth the

    tuition I had to pay. And I was fine that you lived in your own world with your video games, knowing nothing about the

    people living with you, the house you live in. As long as you did well in school and were healthy , that’s good.

    -I screamed at your Dad mainly because he did not do what I had told him to do. Also because he sent too much money

    to his brother back in VN . That guy had six kids and barely worked and just asked money from your dad who just gave

    him whatever he asked for. Meanwhile your Dad never even bought himself new clothes, new shoes.

    Even for you and your sister he bought clothes, shoes, toys.. from garage sale. I had to save here save there to run this

    household and I got frustrated. Your Dad did not make much money but wanted to show off to his family by sending

    them whatever amount of money they asked for.

    -We did not have I phones when you were young, but I have recorded in my mind all the wonderful times we had

    together: going to the park , to the beach, to Disneyland with the Estradas, going to Seaworld, to Medieval Times with

    Gerald, Kathy and Samantha, playing basketball and softball in the backyard, hide and seek in the house, riding bike

    around the block, swimming at YMCA, all the fun time at SGM, just to name some.

    Now when I see young couples with small kids, my mind flashes back to the good old times when my children were

    young, and I feel happy that they are now 2 successful persons.

    Love you, Big Boy.

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