Our Approach

My Past

I was raised a Catholic, predominantly lost my way during college, and became some version of Agnostic over the last decade. Although I never fully let go of the idea of "God," I couldn't shake the feeling that He was present in my life and shaping me for some specific purpose.

Many of you probably have the same feeling of "wanting to believe in God," but not really knowing how to get yourself there. I hope my story helps get you there.

Our Story

I should add here that I am a very logical and rational-minded person. I was never a touchy-feely type of person who relied on emotions. My MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) was ENTP, i.e. "The Debater" or "The Intuitive Seeker."

Growing up, I excelled at math and science, where concrete numbers and validated laws of physics reigned supreme. I majored in Biochemistry at UCLA, accruing the world's available knowledge on how cells function using the basic building block of DNA. I got my M.D. at UCLA and am currently training in plastic surgery at Loma Linda University, where the "scientific method" and "evidence-based practice" must dictate how we care for patients. Academia was my life, and it left no room for God.


But, I now believe in God. Why? How?


I used to believe in choosing your own path rather than destiny. I hated it when people said "Everything happens for a reason" because it assumes no responsibility and a lack of control. I used cellular mechanisms to explain why my uncle had made a full recovery after knocking on death's door, and I refused to acknowledge the potential effect of prayer on his life. I believed the soul was coded structurally within our brains and had not been defined yet. I defended the idea of random chance formation of DNA rather than accept an omnipotent designer.

I wasn't right or wrong in thinking either way, because no one can "prove" either thought process is right or wrong. However, I suggest to you that one philosophy leads to a very dreary, self-centered view of life where one must "get as much out of it" as one can... while the other creates peace of mind and a disciplined mentality that leads to unlimited joy in life. See Lessons Learned for more on this topic.

My Present

I decided to accept Christ on the morning of Christmas 2016. The day prior, the love of my life told me that she didn't want to be together, and I found myself lost, confused, and in deeper pain than I had ever been before. I decided to listen to Rick Warren's Christmas service online on a whim and was struck by the "Breakthrough Prayer" at the end. A lot of things came together for me in that moment, and my life was forever changed over the next 6 weeks as I committed to reading The Purpose Driven Life. I share with you my story in the hopes that it may teach you how to find everlasting peace and happiness through Christ.

5 Pillars of Faith

Why God Exists

5 Pillars of Faith

Five stories that shaped my life and brought me to undeniably believe in God.

Lessons Learned

Strengthen Your Mind

Lessons Learned

Learn how to develop a mentality that keeps you focused on what's important and creates the life you've always wanted.

Living with Purpose

Find the Meaning of Life

Thoughts and Notes

My journey through "The Purpose Driven Life" and other books/studies. Includes thoughts and reflections on how it can completely transform your life as well.

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