SSM (Saddleback Student Ministries)

I got my start in student ministry just before leaving on the PEACE Trip to Hong Kong. I wanted to devote my time and energy towards a group that needed more attention, affection, and understanding in the church community. I also wanted to have some good come from my mistakes and experiences so that others could one day do far more than I ever could, and that perfect space just happened to be with the younger generation.

I found myself on the doorstep of Irvine North's SSM in April 2017. Several months later, the Hong Kong PEACE Trip solidified my dedication to serving in student ministry. Since then, I've fallen in love with these kids/young adults, and it's become an area where I love pouring myself out in service.


These letters are a reflection based on the many talks and experiences I've had with the kids in ministry. They are a culmination of what I've learned about myself and what I hope to pass on to them.