To the Old Me Who Didn't Smile in Photos,

I remember you from my high school days when I tried to act tough. I don't remember whether it was to make myself feel stronger, cooler, or to impress girls. Regardless, I look back at those photos now, and I cringe.

I can't pretend to remember everything that was going on in your head at time. What I suggest to you is that people (read: girls) won't fall in love with you for being cool. They're going to fall in love with your smile.

Younger girls chase after "cool" guys because they're grow up dreaming of being swept off their feet by some handsome, hunky guy. However, when they grow up, they end up marrying someone who gives them so much more. Someone who treasures them, makes them smile, puts them first, and invests in the relationship to make both of them better. They fall in love with smiles, not with the fa├žade that you portray to the world to guard yourself.

Smiles reflect a deeper joy that you carry with you and a willingness to let the world see it. Smiles are contagious and bring happiness to the people surrounding you. Smiles convey a sense of vulnerability that welcomes people in to start building a relationship. Smiles are the beginning of every connection.


By the way, you should've listened to your friend in high school, Michelle, when she said she liked it when you smiled with your teeth.


So don't hide yours. Set it free and let the love come in. You'll be glad you did.


P.S. - I know I can't change you, but I'm glad that you finally came around.