We all make mistakes in life. Eventually, you are left with two choices:

1) You can whine and mope about your circumstances, complain that life is unfair to you, wish you had been better, wish you had acted differently, and build up a lifetime of regrets. -or-

2) You can seek to understand what happened and use that knowledge to improve yourself as a person. No regrets. Only a lesson learned.

It all starts with making a decision between the two. What follows is the need to shift your mentality and apply yourself to what you learned. Only then will you change your habits and form new, healthier ones that direct you to towards the kind of life you've always wanted.

It is NOT easy. In fact, deciding to learn and grow is a LOT harder than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. It requires constant, active effort to focus your mind on the application of new principles and on building a better future for yourself.

Everything within you will fight you to give up and to settle on the status quo. To be comfortable in the person you've always been... the one who made these mistakes before and who WILL make them again. When this happens, you have two choices to fight it:

1) Willpower. You can struggle to make this change by yourself, forcing new habits by sheer self-motivation. Unfortunately, willpower is limited and almost always eventually runs out (think New Year's resolutions).

2) God. You can choose to depend on God to see you through. I think this is actually a much easier and more consistent way to bring about change. Below, I demonstrate how He's guided me towards making improvements in all areas of my life.


Lessons I've learned in (must email or message me on IG for passwords to protected posts):


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