There are five major "pillars," as I like to call them, that affirm my belief in God. After each of these things occurred, they stuck with me pretty heavily, even when I tried to bury them in my mind as I became more and more Agnostic and almost Atheist. People can learn to see God in everything when they make up their minds to LOOK for Him and find purpose in everything.

I know secular people will say that "people will always see what they want to" because I used to argue that point heavily too! Yes, people will see God in everything if they choose to. How can you prove them wrong if they do? I also offer a counter-argument... People can learn to NOT see God in anything when they make up their minds to block Him out. How do you prove who is right?

First Pillar - Songs

My first direct challenge to God.

Second Pillar - The Storm

The very last time I dared to challenge God.

Third Pillar - Angels

God has always had someone watching over me.

Fourth Pillar - Plastic Surgery

After the biggest academic disappointment of my life, I found out that God had bigger plans in store for me all along.

Fifth Pillar - Jewelz

The single most important person in my life who eventually helped bring me back to God.

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