The Story:

I went to a local Catholic school. In the 3rd grade or so, I remember standing for a song in church. I was on the right side of the main hall, about ten pews back with no one behind me and no one else immediately next to me in my aisle.

Bored with the current song, my mind starting wandering to other songs that I liked in church. (I will include here that one of the greatest joys in life for me is good music, though I didn't necessarily appreciate that as a kid.) I focused on this one particular song I liked and starting humming it in my mind.

I then had the brilliant idea of challenging God. I wasn't weak in my faith at the time, but neither had my faith ever really been tested. I just... grew up in it. For some reason, in that specific moment, I decided to do something I had never done before and didn't have any reason to do. I wholeheartedly requested of God... "If you really exist, you'll have them play this song next. The one I'm thinking in my head. Then for sure I'll believe in you."

Not ten seconds had passed when the current song ended, and guess what song started playing immediately. When I heard the tune, I froze for a second in disbelief. What a brilliant coincidence... but what were the chances that that coincidence would occur the very first time I decided to wholeheartedly challenge God to prove His existence to me.


My Thoughts:

It was nice of God to humor a little kid lol.

However, I think God knew that at an age when my mind was rapidly processing new information that would determine the course of my life, this was the right time to give me my first nudge.

Had it not happened, I may have started on a path away from God much sooner and have been lost much longer or possibly forever.

Some will say it's merely a coincidence, and I'm reading too much into it. I offer a suggestion that it was meant to be so much more since it helped to shape a fragile mind early in life, and so much so that it stuck with me all of these years despite not remembering much else about my elementary school days.