Wendy, I am grateful to you for:

    1. Taking the time to improve our relationship during your chief year. I had an incredibly rough time with your year-mate, and I've started trying to emulate your kindness and thoughtfulness with my juniors. I hope to be as good of a chief as you were.
    2. Specifically those phone calls you made to me at the end of each day. At first, they sort of weirded me out because I couldn't figure out why you would call me just to ask me how my cases went and if I learned anything that day. Then I figured maybe you just cared and you were trying to get to know me better.
    3. Your moral support in the break up recently. You’ve taken on many roles for me including being a big sister, and I couldn't ask for anyone better to look to for advice. Except for the time you almost made me do the dumbest thing I possibly could've done - propose. *facepalm*
    4. All of your advice about starting up a practice. I'm sure my future success will depend heavily on the mistakes you help me avoid.
    5. Walking with me in Christ. I realize having Brothers and Sisters help keep me accountable will be one of the most important things in life. Thank you for being there with me.