Rebecca, I am grateful to you for:

    1. Taking care of my patients. I know things could get a little hectic and didn't always turn out smoothly, but I appreciate you for trying your best.
    2. Being flexible. Thanks for taking the time to learn how I liked to do and run things. Many times in residency, I've run into a wall of "this is just how we do it" and an unbreakable stubbornness that makes everything more frustrating. You've definitely made this journey just a little more bearable.
    3. Trusting me with whatever happens to be going on in your life. It takes a lot to open up to people, but that's where friendships get the chance to form. I'm glad we've become good friends instead of just co-workers.
    4. Listening to what I've said. You may not follow it all the time, but at least you took the time to acknowledge my opinions. I'd like to think I always have your best interests in mind, and I want to see you live up to all the potential you have in life.
    5. Giving God a chance to work in your life. I'm glad you noticed the change in me and decided to check it out for yourself. Keep walking with Him. I'll be there whenever you need someone to talk to about it.