Rachel, I am grateful to you for:

    1. Putting up with my antics. I know I tease you a lot about so many things, but I feel like we've become such good friends over the course of this year. My only regret is not getting to know you this well earlier, but I guess everything happens in its own time.
    2. Your grace. I've probably messed up a ton of times with you, most notably the one time you turned into the Incredible Hulk over the phone. Thank you for not eating me.
    3. Your work ethic. You've been a great model for what a chief resident should be, and I hope to strengthen myself in areas that you exemplified - patience, accountability, tact, thoroughness, and thoughtfulness.
    4. Walking with me. Your patient ears have taken in everything from when I thought people were crazy for trying to talk to Jesus to now checking in on me when I let Jesus take the wheel for a little too long.
    5. Your time. Over the past year, I've cherished every moment we've spent together, even the ones listening to country music (aka devil worship songs). You're one of the major reasons why residency has started to feel like family, and you will be dearly missed.