Lucy, I am grateful to you for:

    1. Always remembering every crazy little detail about my life. I know you have a crazy good memory, but it always made me feel extra special when you brought up things that I didn't even remember telling you.
    2. Having telekinetic powers. We always seem to think about each other randomly, and I'm glad we've continued to keep reaching out to each other through all of these years.
    3. Giving me a shoulder to lean on. You've always been by my side when I needed a friend over the past more than half a decade, and you've always helped me heal during my darkest times.
    4. Standing with me in my walk… even when I was still crawling. I didn't know I would get there. I get the feeling that you knew I would at some point, but you just didn't know when. Still you stuck with me like a true friend would.
    5. Sharing the ups and downs of my life. I never expected you to be a lifelong friend when we were together on modern. In fact, you were always missing if I remember correctly, but somehow God brought us here together.

I hope we stay friends for a very, very long time.