Julie, I am grateful to you for…

    1. Bringing me to God. I may never have found Him without your support and without the relationship as it was. I now also know that He comes first in all things, and I have full faith in His plan for all of us.
    2. Helping me reconnect with my family, and as a byproduct of #1, helping me learn why my relationship with them is so important. I was talking with your Mom and I realized how all of the exposure to your family showed me what a healthy family should be like because I never knew what that was growing up.
    3. Helping me understand that relationships are the key to life. My relationships with my friends matter and deserve attention. I want to build what you have with your friends because that will be one of the most meaningful things I can do with my time on earth.
    4. Giving me an example of the kind of person I want to raise my future daughter to become. I always thought success in career would be most important, but you've shown me that having a solid relationship with God builds a person with amazing character that nothing else compares to.
    5. Giving me a glimpse of the relationship I want to have with my future wife. I never realized (until the last few weeks of our "break" period) how deeply I could love someone, and that extended into the few weeks after we actually broke up. I finally learned what it meant to love someone unconditionally, and I finally realized that I could do it too. Now I know what I need to do to be able to build that kind of relationship with someone.


I hope whoever you date and eventually marry treats you well and makes you happy beyond anything you've ever imagined. Your happiness matters more to me than anything I could ever want for myself.


With love and grace, David Nguyen