Jerry, I am grateful to you for:

    1. Welcoming me into the program before I felt like I even belonged there. It's always been hard for me to transition into a new environment, probably because I didn't value relationships the way I should have before becoming Christian, but you always made sure that I felt at home. Little comments like "we're glad you're here" always made my day and made me feel like I was really becoming a part of the team.
    2. Giving me a role model for how to live my life. You're somehow able to balance residency with family and church life, and I want to be able to focus on the important things the way you have.
    3. Our talks about religion. When I was seeking, you helped pave the way for my eventual transformation, and I'm glad to be able to walk with you now.
    4. Your grace. You modeled how a good chief resident who follows Christ should be. There were so many times you could've crushed me for things I had done wrong, but you chose to give me grace and help me learn and grow instead.
    5. Being a gamer bro for life. I'm always glad to share in Pokemon adventures with you and your kids, and I hope to set a good example for their future.