How Can God Be Full of Love and Wrath at the Same Time? How Can God Send Good People to Hell?

  • God's wrath
    • Wrath is hating whatever is destroying what you love. God made the world and He loves it, so He would hate anything that is destroying it.
  • God's judgment can be described by addiction. You have an addicted friend. Your Wrath is when you hate that the addicted friend is destroying him/herself. Judgment is when you say to your friend "Do what you want." That is equivalent to you saying "I no longer care to help bring you away from your self-centeredness." You are letting them choose to destroy themselves repeatedly for all of eternity.
    • "The worst thing God can do is give you want you want." It's a very fair statement. If you want a life away from God, He will give it to you.



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