What I learned from you/what I loved about you

  • The way you made an effort to get to know my family even though I didn't ask you to
    • Apparently you're the only girl who has really done that (per my sister)
  • How you helped me and my dad finally get together to connect (twice)
    • How you taught me to be patient with him and how it led to a huge step forward in his and my relationship
  • I loved how you buried your face in my armpit or shoulder when you wanted to snuggle at night
  • How I finally felt what it was like for someone to accept me for all of my little quirks and idiosyncracies
    • Even then, I was scared that you would judge me for all of my faults and deepest, darkest secrets, but every time it came to light, you proved me wrong and showed me how much more you could love and accept me
  • I loved how close you were to your family
    • Although I would've loved having more time with you to myself without worrying about anyone walking in
  • I loved the relationship that you had cultivated with your friends
    • Even though sometimes I felt like it reflected how easy you had it relative to me, it was amazing to see how strong your bonds were and how you cherished your time together. It's felt like forever since I had a group that cared that much about me, and it reflects on how amazing you are as a person.
  • "What fills the eyes, fills the heart."
    • I realized I should've spent more time filling my eyes with you.
  • You enjoyed watching musicals with me.
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit.
    • TrapZone
  • Your enthusiasm for puppies - Keoni!
  • You respect the time that I need at work and to be able to get work done. We hold our arguments to make sure that the other person doesn't suffer in other areas of life, while making sure to get back to discuss the issues in our relationship.
  • You fight fairly.
  • You got me to finally throw away all of the old lingerie.
    • I finally realized that all of that stuff was stringing me along. It was holding me back from really giving it my all in our relationship because I was so worried about preserving what I had and focusing on the "what if's" in case something happened. It prevented me from giving to you fully and that's where our relationship began to break down. That's also what prevented it from becoming stronger and moving forward.
  • Thank you for allowing me to indulge in my guilty pleasures and even joining in
    • Clash Royale, PokemonGo
  • I love your enthusiasm for exploration and adventure. I never imagined finding someone who wanted to go out and see the world as much as I did.
    • Especially after this trip when everyone stayed behind at the bar in Oslo, it showed me just how valuable it is to have someone who also wants to push themselves to go out and see the world as much as possible.
  • Hiking together (whether it's 2 miles or 7 miles)



The above is an excerpt from the list I first made when Jewelz and I decided to start taking a break. This is nowhere close to encompassing how amazing she is as a person, but it's enough to begin capturing why I fell so deeply in love with her and why I had decided to love her unconditionally.

(Will write more on this topic later. Just wanted to post the above list for now.)