Why am I doing this?

The Challenge - 4/18/2017



Origin - Questions about God:

  • What is hell? - 5/6/2017
  • Why does hell even exist when there is an "all-loving God"?
  • How does a loving God condemn people to burn in hell?
  • In your mind, what is God's purpose?

Meaning/Purpose - Questions about Jesus:

Destiny - Questions about our Future:

  • Why does God let bad things happen to us?
  • Do you think people get one last chance to accept Christ after they die?

Morality - Questions about How We are Supposed to Live:


Random/Fun Questions:

  • If the only way to truly save the world was to never utter the word Christ and never set foot in his church, but keep his spirit in your heart and your thoughts on his undying love for mankind in your deeds and actions, could you and would you do it?
  • Knowing what you know about Christianity now, if you were POTUS, what would you do about the events in Syria?
  • Do God and science/knowledge co-exist?
  • In an academic setting, how do you maintain intellectual credibility while maintaining and practicing/professing your faith?
  • What do you think about the Buddhist belief in multiple lives vs Christianity's one life?



...more coming soon.