What Gives You the Right to Tell Me How to Live My Life? Why Are There So Many Rules?

  • Everyone has rules that they need to follow - parents, economic, etc.
  • Some rules allow us to be free!!!
    • "Without any rules you become paralyzed because there are too many options."
    • Analogy of what you eat. Freedom to eat anything kills you faster.
  • Stravinksky: "I felt most free when I had rules in my life."
  • All Christians are duty bound to love and serve their neighbors regardless of their beliefs
    • The Gospel says you are saved by Grace alone. Gay people suffer because people become self-righteous.
    • God created us and tells you to live by design. Sex is for a man and woman inside a marriage. Bible says you are "missing out" on something if you are homosexual.
      • Not sure if I believe they are totally "missing out" on something. It's meant to say that they are missing out on a deep type of love found "only" between a man and a woman in marriage under God.
      • Pretty sure a lot of the gay couples I know love each other just as deeply if not more so than some heterosexual couples I know.
      • Anyways, God calls you to love everyone including gay people regardless of what they do.
        • You love people who have commit adultery, who have stolen, who have committed fraud, who have neglected their families, right? Then why would you judge anyone for who they decide to love?
        • We are not called to judge anyone. Judgment is a right reserved to God alone. We are only called to love one another.

Love is love. God is love.