The Challenge

To You

I invite any Christian, atheist, agnostic, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. to send me any and every tough / interesting / insightful / unbelieving / attacking question they may have about Christianity. Friends, family, strangers, and enemies are welcome. You may have your own questions. You may have questions from other people. You may have questions you were asked that you didn't know how to explain or articulate. Whatever it may be, I want to hear it. Don't hold back.

To Me

I challenge myself to answer every question that I get, and if I don't know the answer to it, I will make it my life's mission to figure it out.



Challenge Accepted

Apologetics is a branch of Christianity that uses historical evidence and reason to defend the basis of our faith. Being someone raised in a heavily academic setting before becoming Christian, I am fascinated by this subject and consider it a highly important aspect of my faith. If it doesn't make sense, then I can't believe it.

My Myers Briggs personality before becoming Christian was ENTP-A ("The Debator"). It has shifted slightly to ENFP-A since then ("The Protagonist"), but my desire and ability to debate philosophical points has not changed. Therefore, I'm excited to take on this intellectual exercise, and I hope it will help me grow immensely in my faith at the same time.


Please send all questions in either:

  1. A comment below
  2. An email to (
  3. A message on Instagram (username: Heavenly_Plastics)
  4. A message via Facebook (username: dxngooyen7)

The sender will be kept anonymous unless they state otherwise.


Give me your best shot. Let's begin.



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