What is the meaning of life?

When you DON'T know the answer, you go through life searching for impermanent things to dedicate your life to - most often careers, or even kids, politics, etc. Because they don't last forever, the foundation upon which you build your life will ALWAYS crumble at some point. (For example: You can have a career-ending disability. Your kids may have a fatal disease. A grown man with the temperament of a teenager may become POTUS.)

When you DO know the answer, you have an understanding of how to balance your life in a way that appropriately prioritizes the things that matter. The following books and studies are INCREDIBLE resources you can use to help figure out the meaning and purpose behind your life.

Please contact me if for some reason you can't get/afford these, and I will personally find a way to get it to you or buy you a copy with my own money.


"The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?"

Author: Rick Warren

Notes and thoughts on the most influential book of my life.

Feel free to follow along and email me any of your thoughts as well. I love hearing stories about what people learn and how they apply it to their lives to become better.

"The Reason for God" Video Study

By: Timothy Keller

A book for atheists and agnostics... the argument FOR God.

"Habits of Happiness" Video Study

By: Rick Warren

The Secret to Creating Happiness in Your Life

"Love and Respect" Video Study

By: Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

The Keys to Understanding Each Other in a Relationship.

Women need LOVE. Men need RESPECT. "It's as simple and as complicated as that." The most powerful lesson on building trust and understanding in a relationship you will ever go through.

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"The Meaning of Marriage"

Author: Timothy Keller

Coming soon.

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